Generally, people like to do things for themselves. We’re impatient, poor planners and know-it-alls.

Sure these are sweeping generalizations and there are bound to be exceptions. But they are also true.

Leisure travel, like many things which we now take for granted, was reserved for the wealthy until the last several hundred years. Hopping a train or boat meant that you had the resources to not only take on the price of travel, but that you could afford to be away from home for an extended period of time. Air travel created a speed and ease which opened long-distance travel to many more, but there was a premium to pay for it.

Until the spread of the internet and it’s million ways to try to find the most amazing deal out there, travelers began their vacations with a short trip… to the travel agent. But is doing the searching yourself really the best way? Is it the cheapest? Can an online search beat a trained professional?

In this new series, Jeanne Haagen, Executive Travel Consultant in the US and Canada, will help shed some truth on the travel industry. There are many misconceptions of travel consultants, what they can offer, what they cost, etc. and there’s no better source than an insider! Watch for Jeanne’s insights for the coming several Monday’s!

Do you have general questions you’d like me to run by Jeanne? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Interested in contacting Jeanne? Here you go!


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