compassThere are times when following directions is particularly important, and doing exactly what you set out to do is the only option.

If you’re traveling to Aruba for a wedding on Friday, deciding to take a Saturday flight is not ok. Not reading the directions when assembling a crib may result in a rectangular structure which could support a mattress, but it could be inherently less safe than originally designed.

But there are times when you can wing it and that’s perfectly ok. And perhaps, better.

When Trisha and I went to Europe in 1999, we had four certain things: reservations in London for the first night, a plane ticket to Portugal two days later, a train pass, and a reservation in London for the last night. That’s it. We had ideas of where we wanted to go. We had a train schedule. We had very full backpacks. We had adventurous spirits. We had 12 days.

Everything we did, or didn’t do, on that trip was perfect. But it wasn’t planned. It just … happened. Or didn’t. And the vacation was amazing.

Changing plans does not have to be a dreadful moment on your vacation, or in your regular life for that matter. I planned to do a post on Monday; I didn’t. Not the end of the world. Other things got done instead. Let some other things into your vacation — they could be the stories you love the most!


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