diverThere is nothing more exciting than trying something new while on vacation. There is also nothing like a new activity to take a surprisingly large portion of your budget.

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement. Do I want to go scuba diving with sting rays? Um… yes! Did I want to spend $600 to do it? No. Most definitely, no.

The simple laws of supply and demand will ensure, without a doubt, 100% of the time, you will pay more for a class, service or item while on vacation than you’d have to or be willing to pay at home during your “regular life.”

Have you always been interested in rock climbing, and think that there is a chance you could use it on vacation some time? Find a class near you and test it out! Let’s say you pay a couple hundred bucks for a lesson and some gear and find out you hate it. Great! Better to find this out at home than mid-climb on some scorching hot rock in the middle of foreign country. Stuck and broke? No thank you.

There is nothing stopping you from taking classes at the local college or specialty center, even if you don’t have a vacation in the works. Take the class! It’ll open a world of possibilities later. Who knows, you could find new travel companions, great deals and just a bit of extra joy. Who doesn’t want more joy?


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