asteriskMuch like only paying once (see previous), one of the easiest and best ways to save on travel is by understanding the perks or benefits of the things you already have.

I have AAA. Because I don’t want to ever have to change a flat tire or pay for a locksmith or walk along the side of the highway when I’ve run out of gas. But AAA also offers tons of free travel information, cheap (or free, depending on your AAA membership type) passport photos, advice, travel agents and more free… with the purchase of a AAA membership.

But what about the discounts I can get from other companies? My AAA membership gets me discounts with car rentals, hotels, florists… the list goes on.

That Costco membership you got to save on toilet paper and ceral? That card will get you discounts on cruises, airfare, rental cars, amusement parks, travel insurance and more.

What else do you subscribe to/belong to/own which could mean spending less on vacations?

Before you start looking to buy something new, start by taking a better look at what you’re already entitled to. You might not realize what discounts you’re already paying for!


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