ny calendarThis year, I’m making some resolutions to do things differently. A few months ago, I started running and will be doing my first 5K on St Patrick’s day. I’d like to run the whole thing, which seems more and more likely every day. Eat better. Be more open. Say yes more. Save more. Travel more.

Yes. Travel more.

Like many things in my life, I tend to run in extremes with travel. Amazing two-week vacation to some exotic location… or nothing. Feast, or famine. But why? Why does “vacation” automatically mean “incredibly expensive, highly planned, far-flung adventure”?

It doesn’t have to.

This year, I will be spending more time outside, enjoying whatever I can. Whether it be here in Michigan, or somewhere “Michigan adjacent,” I’m going to take the time to explore. Not everything has to be a big deal to be fun.

Happy New Year!


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